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Sailormoon Quiz

As a devoted moonie, I wanted to create a memorable web page. I wanted to have orginal scans and snappy graphics. I wanted sounds and movie clips. I wanted the greatest Sailormercury shrine the world had ever seen. Then I realized - I had nothing to scan and no truly new pictures and sounds and movie clips take too long to download. Besides, there already is a library for all that. So, I decided to settle for attempting the memorable part. With any luck, I'll have a little success.

 My favorite type of Sailormoon page provides me with pictures I haven't really seen before and new information. I also enjoy surveys and quizzes. But the quizzes are all the same - name the senshi (japanese and NA names), who is ChibiChibi, who created the senshi, etc. So I decided to try something different. My own little quiz.

 WARNING: This quiz RELIES on graphics. If your browser is not graphics-enabled or is incredibly unbelievably slow (I believe the largest image is 150K), give up now.


Thank you for being the th kind soul to visit this page. ^_^