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Sailor Moon et amicae

Helpful Hints for a GREAT Character


"Would you PLEASE stop doing that!"

Over our time in RPGs, most of us have either created characters of our own, or watched others create. And we have found that there is a difference between great characters (the powerful, I-wish-I-had-thought-of-that type), adequate characters (the affable, shallow, yeah-she's-OK type), and poor characters (the irritating, will-you-just-run-in-to-a-bus type). Now, everyone loves their characters dearly, and always classifies their own people in the first catagories and others in the second two. And obviously, most characters actually fall in to the second, average category.

Basically, we try to steer people out of the third choice, though often to no avail. So, in order to create a more perfect union of anime and actuality, we humbly put forth this list. If your character does not meet all (or any) of our standards, it means nothing. These are just our suggestions for what we like. Not all of us agree on these...they are merely ideas.

But for the love of Usagi, please don't create another Sailor Earth.

In no particular order...

  1. Find an original name. Try mythology, astronomy, the periodic table of elements, or other languages. Do NOT just add a prefix or suffix to an existing sailor without being really creative to make up for it... It was pushing it when Naoko-sama did it. Also, don't think you're being original with a Sailor Sun or Sailor Earth. It's been done, done, and overdone.
  2. Omnipotent, all-powerful characters are extremely annoying. Especially if they never cease to annouce that they are all powerful and omnipotent. Completely moral characters are boring. Especially if they never cease to save the innocent without a hair out of place.
  3. No senshi on their own is more powerful than Queen Beryl, with the possible exception of Eternal Sailor Moon. See rule #2.
  4. If you must have a pet... try to be creative... no more fur balls (specifically there should be more senshi than cats)
    Saturn's Transformation
  5. Personality should not mimick an existing senshi (There are millions of personalities out there... no need to be a copy cat)
  6. Try to have a reason for your name. It is easy to find a meaningful last name (Ex. Minako's english last name could have been Love, Gold, Goldman, etc.) And please don't use one already taken.
  7. NEVER try to be related to someone without asking them if they mind. (Someone may not like having a new cousin). Please notice that none of the other senshi are sisters, etc. Even Chibiusa and Usagi are 'cousins' and Usagi's mother is not mysteriously dead.
  8. Be sure to define attacks and limit them. A true senshi only has three or four attacks (And that took five seasons). If you get a great idea for a new attack, don't be afraid to drop an older weaker one.
  9. Build your char a little before introducing them. We met all the senshi as Usagi, Ami, Rei, etc. before they learned of their past.
  10. Never create more powers without asking. (Yes, it is your character, but it is not fair to throw a new power out that we do not know about... just ask first if you can make a new one or give adequate build up [refer to SMR for details])
  11. Make sure your char is not only not all powerful (see above) but has weaknesses. You know, angers easily, hates bugs, cries a lot, the like. It adds dimension.
  12. Know when to be serious and when to be silly in a RPG with your character. (Some people make serious RPGs and expect a serious reply)
  13. Don't always die. The only characters that have any right to be kidnapped on a regular basis are Sailormoon (otherwise T.K. is out of work) and Chibimoon (Hence the four Sisters and SailormoonSS the movie). T.K. himself isn't always on his toes on personal safety either. (God, anyone who Zoicite could get the better of...)
  14. Don't always try to make your character the center of attention! If you start a note, fine. You have a right. If someone else gives your character the center of attention, fine. You have a right. Don't steal the spotlight from someone else.
  15. Sailormoon should always destroy the bad guy, but in her absense or injury, Chibimoon or T.K. may take over. It isn't fair, but try to stay with the show. After all, that's why you're here, isn't it?
  16. STOP the PROFANE LANGUAGE IN RPGs :-) Unless you are Haruka or an original char, don't swear. Can you picture Usagi cussing out Mamoru? Well, OK, I can, but when would it ever happen?
  17. If you feel you have a problem with a character, please refrain from cruelty... take it in RPGs not OOC notes :-) Or better yet, e-mail the person and talk reasonably with them.

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