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The IAAY Graphic This page is dedicated to keeping the memory of CTY alive forever. Not that it could die if you've been there. But this page is also for those poor, uninitiated souls who have never been. *sob* And for only seven cents a day, you can give a child...Sorry! Wrong commercial. Anyway, this page doesn't make a whole lot of sense and it probably never will. Just like CTY! You just have to love it. If you have anything at all related to CTY, e-me and I will add it. And please keep in mind that I have only been to CTY twice. I discovered its magic too late...

The entire Rounds Two RA group from Saratoga II would also like to send a special shout out to Chia. Chia, we hardly knew thee, we are very sorry you missed meeting us all, but we would like to also thank you in part. Because of you, it was possible for Karen to have her own room. This made it possible for her to allow us to plaster her wall with magazine pix. I will not indulge the subjects of most pictures... But thank you for party central. Chia, please, phone home!

It's the most magical time, of the year...

*hums along to the tune of the song a bit, notices other surfers staring at her, grins, and quickly stops humming* Ahem. It's May! And CTYers all over the world are getting ready for summer!

I have one pic. I'm working on the others... I need some time to sit down and have a chat with a scanner. Also, I will be transferring this entire site (moins pictures) to Tripod ASAP.


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That's all I have right now. If I missed your page or you would like to add some other page, please e-mail me ASAP!


CTY is a culture all its own. Ask ANYONE whose been there! Each campus is different but there are a few themes. One of those is the music. There are certain songs that all CTYers hold sacred. The most sacred of all, 'American Pie' by Don McLean. If you have been living in a hole the past twenty years (hey, it could happen!) and haven't heard the song, check out this most excellent (loverly grammar, Emmy!)(Then again, what do you want, I'm a mathie) American Pie Page complete with lyrics, music, interpretations, and parodies (It took me a good five minutes to remember that word, so you'd better appreciate it!!!) Another interpertation of American Pie can be found here.

I found it! I found it! I really really found it! Hee hee! I had lost my CTY tape but now...I FOUND IT! YAY! So here is what is on the tape. Please keep in mind that not all of these are popular at all sites. My friend gave me most at Saratoga, from a CD she got at Hamilton. For example, I have never heard Rock Lobstar played at a dance and I detest the song, but I'm leaving it on the list. Anyway, these are the songs on it:

* = The only version I could find is performed by Diana Ross, from the In&Out soundtrack. Someone (I can't for the life of me remember who) has also recently remade the song.
** = These aren't actually on the tape yet...I haven't found them yet. If anyone has either, I'll pay postage for a copy of the tape or swap songs.

Another major group from CTY is They Might Be Giants. I think they would qualify as alternative, but they have a style all their own. Some popular songs are:
Birdhouse In My Soul Words/Info MIDI
Istanbul (Not Constantinople) Words/Info MIDI
Particle Man Words/Info MIDI

IPMS @ SAR2, class 3, 97
Top Ten List Reasons to Attend CTY-Saratoga

Brainstormed by Mary Ross and Shannon Bergeron
Second Session, '97, Saratoga Springs (mathies, both of us)
  • We're "talented youth"
  • It's a Chia-free zone
  • Frisbee and four-square are religions here
  • Scrod and "apple juice"
  • Possesed plumbing
  • RA's have interesting social lives
  • Cheesy tee-shirts
  • Guys in drag!
  • Frisbee and four-square are religions here
  • American Pie (DIE DIE DIE!)

    Personal Greetings

    Also special CTY greetings to the blue hooded elf (Keep the Kalends!), Self-Adhesive (do not apply to leather, vinyl....), L (sex in the laundry room. HA! I SAID IT!), Kali (She's been marked down to a dollar!), Ally-cat (my lasagna isn't dead yet! AAAAH! YOU'RE FROM CALIFORNIA!), Graceful Gracefruit (True understanding doesn't need words. Now dance!), Viv (Nestea bottle! Hee hee hee...), Hiliary (5 x 1/8 = 5/8), Robin (What? No cookies? Let us sally forth, for we must not tarry!), Shannon (WE SUCK!!!), Deb (Hang in there Goofy-girl), Rev (Gullible Gus), Karen (Party Central!), Red (you make me feel like a natural number), and Sophie (I'm gonna tell you about my fwiend Leesa!)

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